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Learner's definition of SENSE  
[count]  : one of the five natural powers (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) through which you receive information about the world around you — often + of
— see also sixth sense
   b  [singular]  : a physical feeling : something that your body experiences — usually + of
[singular]  : a particular feeling : an emotion that you are aware of — usually + of
   b  [count]  : a personal quality : a specific quality that is part of your personality — usually singular — + of
senses [plural]  : the ability to think clearly or in a reasonable way
[noncount]  : a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something : an awareness of what is appropriate
— see also common sense, horse sense
[noncount]  : a reason for doing something : a reason why something was done
[count]  : the meaning of something (such as a word or phrase) — often + of

come to your senses

: to begin to think in a sensible or correct way after being foolish or wrong

in a/one sense

: in one way : from one point of view

in no sense

: in no way : definitely not

in some senses

: in some ways

knock some sense into someone's head

informalorknock some sense into someone
: to cause someone to stop thinking or behaving foolishly

make (any) sense of

: to understand (something)

make sense

: to have a clear meaning : to be easy to understand
: to be reasonable

take leave of your senses

— see 2leave

talk (some) sense into/to

: to cause (someone) to stop thinking or behaving foolishly
Learner's definition of SENSE  
[+ object]
not used in progressive tenses  : to understand or be aware of (something) without being told about it or having evidence that it is true — often + that, what, when, etc.
of a machine  : to detect the presence or occurrence of (something) — often + that, when, whether, etc.
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