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Learner's definition of SERVICE  
[count] : an organization, company, or system that provides something to the public
: work done by an organization or person that does not involve producing goods
— often plural
: work done for a business or organization
   b : work done for your country, government, etc.
— see also community service
   c old-fashioned : employment as a servant
[noncount] : the act of helping or serving customers at a restaurant, hotel, store, etc.
[noncount] : use of a machine or vehicle: the state of being available for use
: work that is done to repair something (such as a vehicle) or to keep it in good condition
: a regularly scheduled trip on a bus, airplane, boat, etc.
[count] : a religious ceremony
USthe serviceor Britishthe services
: a country's military forces: a country's army, navy, air force, etc.
10 [count] : a set of dishes, cups, etc., that match each other
11 [count]sports : the act of serving the ball in tennis, volleyball, etc.
: serve
12 [noncount]law : the act of giving legal papers to someone
13 services British : a place along a highway for drivers to get food, gasoline, etc.— used both as a singular noun and as a plural noun

at someone's service

: ready or available for someone's use

be of service

: to be helpful or useful to someone

do (someone) a service

: to do something that helps (someone)
Learner's definition of SERVICE  
[+ object]
: to do the work that is needed to keep (a machine or vehicle) in good condition
technical : to pay interest on (a loan or debt)
: to provide (someone) with something that is needed or wanted
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