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Learner's definition of SHOW  
[+ object]  : to cause or allow (something) to be seen
[+ object]  : to give information that proves (something)
[+ object]  : to teach (someone) how to do or use something especially by letting that person see you do or use it
[+ object]  : to tell (someone) what or where something is by touching or pointing to it
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object]  : to lead (someone) to a place
[+ object]  — used to describe what can be seen or noticed when you look at or examine something
[+ object]  : to have an image or picture of (someone or something)
: to give (information) in the form of numbers, pictures, etc.
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object]  : to be able to be seen or noticed — sometimes + up
   b  [+ object]  : to cause or allow (something) to be easily seen or noticed
10  [+ object]  : to cause or allow (a feeling, quality, or condition) to be seen or known
   b  [no object]of a feeling, quality, or condition  : to be able to be seen
11  [+ object]  : to give (mercy, respect, etc.) to someone
12  [+ object]  : to cause (someone) to see your true ability, power, etc.
13  : to make (a movie, television show, piece of art, etc.) available for the public to see
[+ object]
[no object]
14  [no object]chiefly US, informal  : to arrive or appear at a place — usually + up
— see also no-show
15  : to enter (an animal) in a competition in which it is judged against other animals of the same kind
[+ object]
[no object]
16  — used in phrases like have something/nothing to show for to say what someone has achieved or produced by doing something

show around

[phrasal verb]also Britishshow round
show (someone) around/round 
: to act as a guide for someone who is visiting a place : to lead (someone) around a place and point to and talk about the interesting or important things you see

show off

[phrasal verb]informal
disapproving  : to try to impress someone with your abilities or possessions
show off (someone or something) or show (someone or something) off  : to cause (someone or something that you are proud of) to be seen or noticed by a lot of people
show off (something) or show (something) off  : to make (something) very noticeable
— see also show-off

show (someone) the door, show (someone) to the door

— see door

show the flag

— see 1flag

show up

[phrasal verb]
show up (someone)informal or show (someone) up 
: to embarrass (someone) : to do something that makes (someone) look foolish, weak, etc.
— see also 1show 9a

show willing

: to show that you are willing and eager to do what is needed

show your face

: to appear in public and allow people to see you

show your hand

alsoshow your cards
: to put down your playing cards on a table so that their values can be seen
: to tell other people what you are planning to do, want to do, or are able to do

show yourself

: to move out from a hidden place so that you can be seen
: to show that you are a particular kind of person, that you have a particular skill, etc. — followed by to + verb

show your stuff

— see 1stuff

show your true colors

— see 1color
Learner's definition of SHOW  
: a performance in a theater that usually includes singing and dancing
   b  : a public performance that is intended to entertain people — sometimes used figuratively
[count]  : a television or radio program
— see also game show, quiz show, talk show
[count]  : an event at which things of the same kind are put on display for people to look at or buy
— see also trade show
: an action, performance, etc., which clearly shows an ability, feeling, quality, etc. — usually + of
   b  : an event at which something is done or shown to impress or entertain people — usually + of
disapproving  : an act of pretending to feel a particular way : an act of behaving a certain way in order to make others like or approve of you
— usually singular — usually + of
[singular]  : an event, business, etc., and all of the activities that are involved in its success
[count]  : a competition at which animals of the same kind are judged against one another
— see also horse show

a show of hands

: an occurrence in which people put a hand in the air to indicate that they want something, agree with something, etc.

dog and pony show

— see 1dog

for show

: intended to be seen but not used or bought
: done in order to make others like or approve of you

get the/this show on the road

: to begin an activity or journey

on show

: put somewhere for people to see

the show must go on

— used to say that a performance, event, etc., must continue even though there are problems
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