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Learner's definition of SPEAK  
[no object] : to say words in order to express your thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc., to someone: to talk to someone— often + to— often + with in U.S. English— often used at the beginning of telephone conversations
   b [no object] : to talk about a particular subject or person— often + about or of
   c [no object] : to say words to express yourself in a particular way
   d [+ object] : to say (something) to someone
: to use your voice to say words
[no object]
[+ object]
[no object] : to be willing to talk to someone after having a disagreement, fight, etc.
[+ object] : to use (a particular language) to talk to someone
[no object] : to talk about something formally to a group of people: to make or give a speech
— see also public speaking

actions speak louder than words

— see action

in a manner of speaking

— see manner

so to speak

— used to indicate that you are using words in an unusual or figurative way rather than a literal way

speak for

[phrasal verb]
speak for (someone) : to express the thoughts or opinions of (someone)— often used figuratively
speak for (something or someone)chiefly US : to show that (something or someone) does or does not deserve to be praised, admired, etc.
be spoken for : to not be available because of already being claimed by someone else or in a relationship with someone else

speak of

[phrasal verb]
speak of (someone or something) : to talk or write about (someone or something): to mention (a subject) in speech or writing
speak of (something) : to indicate or suggest (something)
speak of (someone or something) 
: to talk about (someone or something) in a specified way
   b chiefly US : to show that (someone or something) does or does not deserve to be praised, admired, etc.

speak of the devil

— see devil

speak out

[phrasal verb]
: to speak freely and confidently about something: to express an opinion in an open way— often + against

speak the same language

— see language

speak up

[phrasal verb]
: to speak loudly and clearly
: to speak at a meeting, in a class, etc.
: to speak freely and confidently about something: to express an opinion openly— often + for

speak volumes

— see volume

speak your mind

— see 1mind

to speak of

: worth mentioning or noticing
speak and talk mean to express yourself by saying words.
speak refers to anything that is said, whether it is understood or not and whether it is heard or not.
talk suggests that there is a listener who understands what is said and often that both people do some speaking.
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