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Learner's definition of SPREAD  
[+ object] 
: to open, arrange, or place (something) over a large area — often + out
   b  : to place (things) over a large area
[no object]  : to become larger or to affect a larger area : to move into more places
   b  [+ object]  : to cause (something) to be present in more places throughout a large area
[no object]  : to pass from person to person
   b  [no object]  : to become known by many people
   c  [+ object]  : to cause (something) to become known by many people
: to move (parts of your body) outward or away from each other
[+ object]
— often + out
[no object]
— + out
[no object]of a smile or other facial expression  : to appear and slowly grow more apparent
[+ object]  : to put a layer of (something) on top of something else
[+ object]  : to divide up (something) over a period of time or among members of a group — often + out

spread out

[phrasal verb]
: to move apart from the other members of a group especially to search an area
— see also 1spread 1a, 4, 7 (above)

spread your net wide

— see 1net

spread your wings

— see 1wing
Learner's definition of SPREAD  
[noncount]  : growth or increase that causes something to cover a larger area, affect a larger number of people, etc. — often + of
: a soft food that is spread on bread, crackers, etc.
[count]  : the total distance between the two outer edges of something — usually singular — often + of
[count]informal  : a large meal — usually singular
[count]  : something (such as an advertisement or a series of photos) that covers two or more pages in a newspaper or magazine
[count]US  : bedspread
[count]US  : a large farm or ranch — usually singular
[count]  : a variety or range of things or people — usually singular — often + of
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