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Learner's definition of STAR  
: any one of the objects in space that are made of burning gas and that look like points of light in the night sky
: a star or planet especially in a certain position that is believed in astrology to influence people's lives — usually plural
— see also star-crossed
: something (such as a symbol or medal) with five or more points that represents or suggests a star
   b  : a symbol that is shaped like a star and that is used as part of a rating system to show how good something is
— see also five-star, four-star
: the most important and well-known performer in a movie, play, etc.
   b  : an extremely famous and successful performer or athlete — often used before another noun
   c  : a person who is very successful, important, etc. — often used before another noun
— see also megastar, superstar
British, informal  : someone who is good or helpful

(have) stars in your eyes

◊ If you have stars in your eyes you are very hopeful and excited about something and think that it will be much better or more enjoyable than it actually is.

promise (someone) the stars

— see 2promise

reach for the stars

: to try to do something that is very difficult and impressive

see stars

: to see flashes of light usually because you have been hit on the head

— starless


— starlike

Learner's definition of STAR  
[no object]  : to play the most important role in a movie, play, etc. — usually + in
   b  [+ object]  : to have (someone) as the most important performer
[no object]  : to perform extremely well
[+ object]  : to mark (something) with a star or other symbol
— see also ill-starred
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