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Learner's definition of STICK  
[count] : a cut or broken branch or twig
: a long, thin piece of wood, metal, plastic, etc., that is used for a particular purpose
   b : a long, thin object that is used for hitting or moving a ball or puck in a game
   c : a stick that is used as a weapon— often used figuratively in British English
— see also nightstick
: something that is long and thin like a stick— often + of
— see also fish stickmatchstickpogo stick
   b : a long piece of something that is usually wrapped in paper, plastic, etc.
   c : a solid substance that is sold in a tall container which is open at the top
— see also lipstick
the sticks informal : an area in the country that is far away from towns and cities
[count]informal : punishment or the threat of punishment that is used to try to persuade someone to do something
◊ This sense of stick is often contrasted with carrot, which refers to the reward or advantage someone will get if they do something.
[noncount]British, informal 

get on the stick

US, informal
: to start working hard at something that you have been avoiding doing

more than you can shake a stick at

— see 1shake

stick to beat someone with

British, informalorstick with which to beat someone
: something that is used to attack or punish someone or to make an attack or punishment seem reasonable or right

the short end of the stick

chiefly US, informal
: unfair or unfavorable treatment

the wrong end of the stick

chiefly British, informal
: an incorrect understanding of something

up sticks

British, informal
: to pack up your belongings and move to a different place
— see also big stickcandlestickslapstick
Learner's definition of STICK  
always followed by an adverb or preposition 
[+ object] : to push (something usually sharp or pointed) into something
   b [no object]of something usually sharp or pointed : to go partly into something: to have a part that has been pushed into something: to be partly inside something
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object]informal : to put (something or someone) in a specified place
always used before an adverb or preposition[+ object]informal : to attach (something) to a surface with glue, tape, pins, etc.
   b [no object] : to become attached to the surface of something— often + to
[no object] : to become difficult or impossible to move from a place or position— often used figuratively
[+ object]British, informal : to deal with or accept (an unpleasant situation, experience, person, etc.)
: stand
— usually used in questions and negative statements with can, can't, cannot, could, and couldn't

stick around

[phrasal verb]informal
: to stay somewhere especially in order to wait for something or someone

stick at it

British, informal
: to continue doing or trying to do something

stick at nothing

British, informal
: to be willing to do anything in order to get or achieve something

stick a toe in the water

— see 1toe

stick by

[phrasal verb]
stick by (someone or something) 
: to continue to support or be loyal to (someone or something)

stick in your craw

— see craw

stick it to (someone)

US, informal
: to treat (someone) harshly or unfairly especially in order to get something for yourself (such as revenge or money)

stick like glue

: to stay very firmly attached to something— often used figuratively
: to stay very close to someone

stick out

[phrasal verb]
: to extend outward beyond an edge or surface
stick out (something) or stick (something) out : to extend (something, such as a body part) outward
: to be easily seen or recognized
: to be better or more important than the other people or things in a group in a way that is easily seen or noticed
stick out (something)informal or stick (something) out : to continue doing (something unpleasant or difficult)
stick out for (something)British, informal : to refuse to accept or agree to something in order to get (something)

stick out like a sore thumb

— see 1sore

stick to

[phrasal verb]
stick to (something) 
: to continue doing or using (something) especially when it is difficult to do so: to not change (a decision, belief, etc.)

stick together

: to continue to support each other

stick to your guns

— see 1gun

stick two fingers up at

— see 1finger

stick up

[phrasal verb]
: to extend upward above a surface
stick up for (someone)informal : to defend (someone) against attack or criticism
— see also stickup

stick with

[phrasal verb]informal
stick with (something) : to continue using or doing (something): to not change (a decision, belief, etc.)
stick (someone) with (something or someone) : to force (someone) to deal with (something or someone unpleasant)— often used as (be/get) stuck with
stick with (someone) 
: to stay close to (someone) in a race or competition
   b : to stay near (someone) in order to gain knowledge, protection, etc.
   c : to be remembered by someone for a very long time

stick your head above the parapet

— see parapet

stick your neck out

— see 1neck

stick your nose in/into

— see 1nose

stick your oar in

— see oar
— see also stuck
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