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Learner's definition of STRETCH  
[+ object]  : to make (something) wider or longer by pulling it
   b  [no object]  : to become longer or wider when pulled
: to put your arms, legs, etc., in positions that make the muscles long and tight
[no object]
[+ object]
   b  always followed by an adverb or preposition  : to extend your arm, leg, etc., in order to reach something
[no object]
— often + out
[+ object]
— often + out
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object]  : to pull (something) so that it becomes flat and smooth and goes across a surface or area
always followed by an adverb or preposition [no object] 
: to continue for a specified distance : to extend over an area — used to describe how long something is
   b  : to continue over a period of time
[+ object]  : to say something that is not exactly true
[+ object] 
: to cause or force (something) to be used for a longer time or for more purposes than originally planned or expected — often + out
   b  : to cause (something, such as a rule) to have a meaning or purpose that is different from what was originally intended
   c  — used figuratively in various phrases
[+ object]  : to require (someone) to use a lot of effort, ability, skill, etc., in order to succeed

stretch out

[phrasal verb]
stretch out or stretch (yourself) out 
: to extend your body in a flat position : to spread out in a relaxed position — often used as (be) stretched out
— see also 1stretch 2b, 6a (above)

stretch your legs

: to stand up and walk especially after sitting for a long period of time

— stretchable

Learner's definition of STRETCH  
[count]  : a continuous area or length of land or water
: a continuous period of time
   b  informal  : a period of time spent in prison — usually singular
: an act of stretching your body or part of your body
the stretch  : the final straight part of a racecourse before the finish line — often used figuratively
— see also homestretch
[noncount]  : the ability to be stretched without breaking or being torn
chiefly US [singular] 
: something that requires a special effort to be done : something that is beyond a person's usual abilities
   b  : a statement, description, etc., that is not strictly true or accurate

at full stretch

British, informal
: with as much effort as possible

by any/no stretch of the imagination

— used to emphasize that something is not true, does not happen, etc.

the seventh-inning stretch

: the time between the two halves of the seventh inning when the people watching a game traditionally stand up and stretch their legs
Learner's definition of STRETCH  
always used before a noun
: made to stretch easily and then return to the original shape and size
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