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Learner's definition of STRONG  
: having great physical power and ability: having a lot of strength
— opposite weak
: not easy to break or damage
: not sick or injured
: very noticeable
: having great power or force
: very powerful in action or effect
   b : having a powerful and sometimes unpleasant taste or smell
: containing a large amount of an important ingredient (such as alcohol)
: having a lot of power or influence
: likely to persuade or convince people that something is true, real, correct, etc.
10 : very confident and able to deal with difficult situations
11 : felt, believed, or expressed in a very definite and powerful way
12 : powerful and effective in supporting something, opposing something, etc.
13 : well established and likely to continue
14 : likely to succeed or to happen
15 : great in number
   b — used to indicate the number of people in a large group
16 : having a value that is great or that is increasing
   b : in a good financial condition: doing well
17 : very forceful and sometimes obscene or offensive
18 : very bright

a bit strong

British, informal
: unfair or too critical

a strong stomach

— see 1stomach

come on strong

— see 1come

going strong

: very active, healthy, or successful

strong on

: very good at (something)
: containing a lot of (something)

— strongly

/ˈstrɑːŋli/adverb,[more strongly; most strongly]
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