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Learner's definition of THROUGH  
: into one side and out the other side of (something)
: from one side or end to another side or end of (something)
— used to describe movement within a place or an area of land, air, etc.
— used to indicate the path that is followed to get somewhere or the path that someone or something moves along
: without stopping for (a traffic signal, a stop sign, etc.)
: by using (someone or something)
   b  : by doing (something)
   c  : because of (something)
: over all the parts of (something) : throughout
: from the beginning to the end of (something)
US  — used to indicate the numbers, days, etc., that are included in a range
10  — used to say that you have survived or completed something
11  : to a state of official acceptance or approval by (an organization)
Learner's definition of THROUGH  
: from one side or end to the other
: over the whole distance
: from the beginning to the end
: without stopping
: to the end of an action, process, or activity : until something is completed or achieved
: in or to every part : completely or thoroughly
of a phone call  : in connection with the person you are calling
Learner's definition of THROUGH  
not used before a noun chiefly US 
: having reached the end of an activity, job, etc. : finished — often + with
   b  : no longer in a romantic relationship — often + with
   c  : no longer able to continue in a role, activity, etc.
always used before a noun 
: allowing passage from one end to the other
   b  : going the whole distance without stopping
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