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Learner's definition of THROW  
: to cause (something) to move out of your hand and through the air by quickly moving your arm forward
[+ object]
[no object]
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object] : to put (something) in a particular place in a careless or forceful way— sometimes used figuratively
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to move suddenly or forcefully to or away from a particular place
[+ object]sports : to perform an action that involves throwing a ball
: to send (something) from your hand in a way that causes it to move forward and turn over many times along a surface
[+ object]
[no object]
   b [+ object] : to get (a number or score) by throwing dice or a bowling ball
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object] : to cause or force (someone or something) to suddenly be in a particular state, condition, or position— often used as (be) thrown
[+ object] 
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to forcefully move (yourself or a part of your body) in a particular direction
   b : to swing your arm and try to hit someone with your fist
[+ object] 
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to move (something) to an open or closed position in a forceful and sudden way
   b : to move (a switch) to an on or off position
[+ object] : to organize and hold (a party)
10 [+ object] : to lose (a game or contest) in a deliberate way
11 [+ object] : to express strong emotions in an uncontrolled way
12 [+ object] : to use (your effort, influence, money, etc.) in order to accomplish something— often + into
13 [+ object] : to direct (something, such as a question or look) at someone— often + at
14 [+ object]informal : to cause (someone) to feel confused or surprised
— see also throw (someone) for a loop at 1loopthrow (someone) for a loss at loss
15 [+ object] : to cause (something, such as a shadow) to appear on a surface— sometimes used figuratively
16 [+ object] : to put (a vehicle) into a different gear especially in a quick and sudden way
17 [+ object] : to make (your voice) sound as if it is coming from another person or place
18 [+ object]US, informal : to do (something that requires special skill) successfully
19 [+ object]technical : to form or shape (something, such as clay or a pot) on a special wheel
◊ In addition to the phrases shown below, throw occurs in many idioms that are shown at appropriate entries throughout the dictionary. For example, throw down the gauntlet can be found at 2gauntlet and throw light on can be found at 1light.

throw away

[phrasal verb]
throw away (something) or throw (something) away 
: to put (something that is no longer useful or wanted) in a trash can, garbage can, rubbish bin, etc.
— see also throwaway
: to use (something) in a foolish or wasteful way
   b : to foolishly fail to use (something, such as a chance)

throw in

[phrasal verb]
throw in (something) or throw (something) in 
: to add (something) to what you are selling without asking for more money
: to add (something) to the effort or activity of a group

throw off

[phrasal verb]
throw off (something) or throw (something) off 
: to quickly remove (a piece of clothing)
   b : to get rid of (something you do not want, such as a quality or a condition)
   c : to cause (something) to be incorrect
   d : to send (light, smoke, etc.) out from a source
throw off (someone) or throw (someone) off 
: to cause (someone) to be confused or uncertain about where to go, what to do, etc.
   b : to get away from (someone who is trying to catch you)

throw on

[phrasal verb]
throw on (something) or throw (something) on 
: to quickly put on (a piece of clothing)
: to cause (something) to work by moving a switch

throw out

[phrasal verb]
throw out (something) or throw (something) out 
: to put (something that is no longer useful or wanted) in a trash can, garbage can, rubbish bin, etc.
   b : to refuse to accept or consider (something)
   c : to mention (something) as a possible thing to be done, thought about, etc.
   d : to send (light, smoke, etc.) out from a source
   e : to injure (a part of your body)
throw (someone) out or throw out (someone) 
: to force (someone) to leave a place, game, etc.
   b baseball : to cause (a player) to be out by throwing the ball to the base that the player is running to

throw together

[phrasal verb]
throw together (something) or throw (something) together : to make (something) by joining or combining things in a quick and usually careless way
throw together (people) or throw (people) together : to bring (people) together usually in an unexpected way

throw up

[phrasal verb]
throw upinformal or throw up (something) or throw (something) up : to have the food, liquid, etc., that is in your stomach come out through your mouth
: vomit
throw up (something) or throw (something) up 
: to raise or lift (something) quickly or suddenly
   b : to build (something) quickly
   c chiefly British : to leave (your job, home, etc.)
   d British : to cause (something) to be known
throw up your hands or throw your hands up (in the air) : to stop an activity or effort and admit that you cannot do anything to make a situation better

throw yourself at (someone)

: to try too hard to attract the attention of (someone you are sexually attracted to)

throw yourself into

: to begin doing or working on (something) with great energy and determination
Learner's definition of THROW  
: an act of throwing something (such as a ball)
— see also free throwhammer throw
   b : an act of rolling dice
: the distance over which something is thrown or could be thrown
: a loose blanket or cloth that is put on a sofa, chair, etc.

a stone's throw

— see 1stone

a throw

British, informal
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