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Learner's definition of TOP  
[count]  : the highest part, point, or level of something — usually singular
[count]  : an upper surface or edge of something
[count]  : something that covers the upper part or opening of something
[noncount]  : the highest position in rank, success, or importance
[count]  : a piece of clothing that is worn on the upper part of your body
— see also tank top
[noncount]informal  : the beginning
[noncount]  : the first half of an inning in baseball
[noncount]chiefly British  : the part of something (such as a street) that is farthest away
[noncount]chiefly British  : the highest gear of a vehicle

at the top of the heap

— see 1heap

at the top of the pile

— see 1pile

at the top of your voice/lungs

: in the loudest way possible

blow your top

— see 1blow

come out on top

: to win a competition, argument, etc.

from top to bottom

: in a very thorough way

from top to toe

: from your head to your feet

off the top of your head

: immediately by thinking quickly about something

on top

: on the highest part or surface of something
chiefly British  : winning a game or competition
— see also come out on top (above)

on top of

: on the highest or upper part of (something or someone)
: in control of (something) : doing the things that are needed to deal with (something)
: aware of what is happening in (a particular area of activity)
: very close to or near (someone or something)
: in addition to (something)
◊ In British English, if something gets on top of you, it becomes too difficult for you to handle or deal with.

on top of the world

: in a very successful or happy state

over the top

: beyond what is expected, usual, normal, or appropriate : very wild or strange often in an amusing way

top of the tree

British, informal
: the most powerful or most successful position in a profession, organization, etc.
— see also big top
Learner's definition of TOP  
usually used before a noun
: located at the highest part or position
: highest in rank, success, or importance
: highest in quality, amount, or degree
Learner's definition of TOP  
: a child's toy that can be made to spin very quickly
— compare 1top
Learner's definition of TOP  
[+ object]
: to be or become more than (a particular amount)
: to be in the highest position on (a list) because of success
: to do or be better than (someone or something)
: to cover or form the top of (something) — often + with — often used as (be) topped
: to cut off the top of (something)
literary  : to reach the top of (something)

top off

[phrasal verb]
top off (something) or top (something) off 
: to end (something) usually in an exciting or impressive way
US  : to fill (something) completely with a liquid

top out

[phrasal verb]
: to reach the highest amount or level and stop increasing — often + at

top up

[phrasal verb]
top up (something)British or top (something) up 
: to fill (something) completely with a liquid
: to bring (something) to the full or desired amount
— see also top-up

top yourself

British, informal
: to kill yourself

to top it (all) off

(US)or chiefly Britishto top it all
— used to indicate a final thing that happened that was even better, worse, etc., than what happened before
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