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Learner's definition of WEAR  
[+ object]
: to use or have (something) as clothing : to have (a shirt, pants, etc.) over part of your body
   b  : to use or have (something) on your body
   c  : to grow or arrange (your hair) in a particular way
: to have or show (something, such as an emotion or facial expression) especially on your face
: to cause (something) to become thinner, weaker, etc., because of continued use over time — used as (be) worn
   b  : to cause (something) to form gradually because of use
somewhat formal  : to make (someone) very tired

wear away

[phrasal verb]
wear away or wear (something) away or wear away (something) 
: to gradually disappear or to cause (something) to gradually disappear or become thinner, smaller, etc., because of use — often used as (be) worn away

wear down

[phrasal verb]
wear (someone) down or wear down (someone) 
: to make (someone) tired or weak
: to convince (someone) to do what you want by trying again and again

wear many hats

— see hat

wear off

[phrasal verb]
: to gradually decrease, disappear, or stop

wear on

[phrasal verb]
wear on (someone)  : to annoy or bother (someone)
: to continue in a way that seems slow

wear out

[phrasal verb]
wear (someone) out or wear out (someone)  : to make (someone) tired
wear out or wear (something) out or wear out (something)  : to become thinner, weaker, or no longer useful because of use or to cause (something) to become thinner, weaker, or no longer useful because of use — often used as (be) worn out

wear out your welcome

— see 4welcome

wear the pants

(US)or Britishwear the trousers
: to be the leader : to make decisions for a group of people

wear thin

: to become weak or ineffective
: to become ineffective or uninteresting because of being too familiar or used too often
: to become thin because of use

wear through

[phrasal verb]
wear through (something) or wear (something) through 
: to use (something) so much that a hole develops in it

wear well

: to remain in good condition after being used
informal + humorous  : to look younger than you are

— wearer

Learner's definition of WEAR  
: the act of using something as clothing : the act of wearing something
   b  : the act of using something
: clothing that is designed for a specified kind of person, occasion, or use
: damage that is caused by use

wear and tear

: damage that happens to something when it is used for a period of time

worse for wear

◊ Someone or something that is slightly/somewhat/much (etc.) (the) worse for wear looks worse after doing or experiencing something.
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