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1what/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/pronoun
/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/
Learner's definition of WHAT  
— used to ask for information about someone or something
   b  — used to describe a question
— used to ask someone to say something again because you have not clearly heard or understood it — often used to show surprise about the thing that someone has just said
   b  informal  — used to express surprise, excitement, etc.
informal  — used to ask what someone's last name is
: that which : the one or ones that
   b  : the kind that : the same as
   c  : something that
   d  : the thing or things that
Guess what is often used to tell someone that you have surprising news.
— often followed by to + verb
   e  : anything or everything that : whatever
informal  — used to direct attention to something that you are about to say

or what

— used to ask about what is happening, being done, etc.
— used to ask if someone agrees with you

say what

— see 1say

what about

: does that include (someone) : how about (someone)
   b  : how does that affect (someone or something) : what should be done about (someone or something)
— used to make a suggestion about what could be done
— used to ask someone to tell you something in response to the thing that you have just said


: for what purpose or reason
— see also what for

what have you

: any of the other things that might also be mentioned

what if

: what would happen if
: what does it matter if — used to say that something is not important
— see also so what at 3what

what of

formal  : how does that affect (someone or something) : what should be done about (someone or something)
: why does (something) matter

what's it to you?

: why do you want to know — used to respond in a somewhat angry or annoyed way to a question that you do not want to answer

what's more

: in addition : furthermore

what's up?

US, informal
— used as a friendly greeting

what's what

: the true state of things : the things that need to be known or understood in order to make good judgments, decisions, etc.

what's with

informalorwhat's up with
: what is the reason for (something)
: what is wrong with (someone or something)
2what/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/adjective
/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/
Learner's definition of WHAT  
always used before a noun
— used to ask someone to indicate the identity or nature of someone or something
— used to say that someone or something is remarkable for having good or bad qualities
— used to refer to an amount that someone has, uses, etc.
3what/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/adverb
/ˈwɑːt, ˈwʌt/
Learner's definition of WHAT  
: in what way

so what

— used to say that something said or done is not important

what with

— used to introduce the part of a sentence that indicates the cause of something
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